Q: Do I need to get hit or hit other people?

A: Absolutely not, while we do offer sparring at our facility our goal is to give you the head to toe, total body workout of a professional boxer with none of the person to person contact required. Thats the best of both worlds!

Q: One of the most common questions or statements we hear is “I’m not going to fight, why do I need form, I just want the workout”. 

A: While we understand and agree that most people are not going to fight or compete you still need to learn and practice proper technique to get the maximum benefit of the workout and prevent injury. Where we specialize and differ from most fitness boxing gyms is that we do not need to sacrifice the intensity of your workout in order to teach and maintain proper form and mechanics.

Q: Do I need any experience?

A: No, no experience is necessary, as we have all levels from first time beginners to professionals working out and helping one another in a fun and friendly environment.

Q:  Another common question or statement is “do I need to be in shape” or “I’m not in good enough shape to go there yet”.

A: We understand the initial fear or concern, but we have all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels in our classes. So chances are there will be somebody just like you (wether new or experienced), next to you in class helping push each other towards your fitness goals. After all you can’t learn to swim without getting into the water!